Trust Afrigility For Smart Storage and Delivery Solutions in Kenya with a 99.9% Accuracy Rate.

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Pay For What You Use

No need to rent an entire warehouse. With Afrigility, you only pay for the space you use.

Countrywide Coverage

Sell and manage your business from anywhere in Kenya from one platform.

We Handle the Heavy Lifting

Concentrate on your business, while we manage your warehousing and deliveries.

With Afrigility,Fulfill and Deliver Your Electronics ProductsPremium Cosmetic BrandsEssential Baby ProductsFresh Grocery ItemsPharmaceutical SuppliesLatest Fashion CollectionsAuthentic Kenyan Crafts

How It Works

Step 1

Find Warehouse

Reach Out To Us

Reach out with your storage needs and we'll tailor a solution just for you. From small enterprises to major corporations, we've got your back.

Step 2

Book Warehouse

Seamless Collection & Safe Storage

Schedule a pickup and we'll handle the rest. Your goods are securely transported and stored in our strategic warehouses across Kenya.

Step 3

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Real-time Inventory & Order Fulfillment

Stay updated with our real-time inventory management. When an order comes in, we handle packing and timely deliveries, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

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fulfilment in Kenya

Efficient Return Handling

Should there be any returns, we manage the process efficiently, ensuring swift and accurate processing.

Why Us?

Choose Afrigility for Warehousing in Kenya as your trusted Partner in Logistics Solutions

Afrigility takes pride in our expansive network of
warehouses in Kenya, ensuring timely and efficient delivery for your customers.
Our strategic collaborations with top-tier logistics partners cater to businesses all over Kenya,
streamlining your warehousing needs, enhancing customer service, minimizing costs, and optimizing your supply chain.

Network of Warehouses in Kenya

Leverage our broad network of thoroughly vetted, ready-to-use warehouses in Kenya


Our digital ecosystem enables you to fulfill orders from multiple locations anytime, anywhere, catering to your needs across Kenya.

Live Inventory & Tracking

Gain a comprehensive overview of your vital assets. Our software allows you to view orders and inventory in real-time, keeping you updated on the move.

Cost Saving

Avoid hefty upfront warehouse setup costs and expand your logistics strategy at a minimal cost with Afrigility.

Become one of the new disruptive brands

Break free from the constraints of traditional warehousing with high set-up costs, long-term contracts, and limited locations. Embrace Afrigility’s ‘on-demand warehousing solution in Kenya’ for greater flexibility. Expand or downsize your warehouse network as per your needs, without the limitations of conventional methods. This innovative approach is garnering popularity among businesses in Kenya aiming to optimize their storage solutions. Become a part of this disruption and revolutionize your business logistics today. Learn more about Kenya’s warehousing regulations and the benefits of flexible warehousing solutions.










Let Us Take Care of
Your Supply Chain

Leave the hassle of product storage and delivery to Afrigility.
So You Can Focus on Your Business

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