On-Demand Warehousing

No need for long-term contracts or costly rentals. At Afrigility, we empower SMEs with immediate access to secure warehousing solutions all across Kenya. Pay only for the space you use, when you use it. With our flexible warehousing, you can streamline your operations, eliminate unnecessary overheads, and scale your business efficiently. Experience the freedom and flexibility that Afrigility brings to your supply chain.


Boost your business growth with Afrigility’s efficient fulfilment services. We ensure speedy and reliable picking, packing, and shipping of your products to customers nationwide, giving you an advantage in today’s fast-paced e-commerce market.

Inventory Management

Streamline your operations with Afrigility’s advanced inventory management solutions. Our digital tools provide real-time visibility of your stock levels, allowing for effective planning and reduced stock holding costs.

Delivery Services

Ensure your products reach your customers on time with Afrigility’s reliable nationwide delivery services. With our wide network of trusted partners, we offer a variety of delivery options tailored to your business needs.

Inventory Overflow

Safeguard your business from overstock scenarios with Afrigility’s inventory overflow services. We provide scalable warehousing solutions to accommodate your excess inventory during peak seasons or unexpected demand surges. Our extensive network of partners across Kenya ensures your goods are securely stored and ready for distribution when needed.

Countrywide Network of Warehouses

Get closer to your customers with Afrigility’s vast network of warehouses spread across Kenya. With our strategic warehouse locations, you can store your products nearer to your customers, reducing delivery times and enhancing customer satisfaction. Utilize our facilities to optimize your distribution network, streamline your supply chain, and accelerate your business growth.


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Reserve Your Storage Space
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